High School Students

High school can be as much about social events as education. Your student will be preparing themselves to be successful for the rest of his/her life. Parental involvement is key in helping your teen be a sucessful student and person. The following information will help you find the resources you need to ensure you are the partner and parent your kids need.

Education & Development

Developmental Targets

The changes that began in middle school continue in high school. To get a break down on ages and stages of development, click here.

State Testing

State testing can be a nervous time for students and teachers. It can also be confusing for parents. Click here to learn more about the testing that occurs several times during your child's school years.


The first step to success in school is attendance. It's impossible to succeed if you don't show up. Click here to learn more about the importance of attendance.

Differences Between Middle School and High School

So what's high school really like? Is there more work? More stress? Will it be difficult going from being one of the oldest middle school students to one of the youngest high schoolers? To learn about the leap from middle school to high school, click here.

Parent-Teacher Communication

Communicating effectivly and often with your child's teacher is very important. Education is a team sport and you, your child, and his/her teacher are all on the same team. Click here to get tips on effective communication tips.

Special Education

If your child is in need of additional help to reach his/her educational goals, click here for a guide on special education and obtaining help and resources.

Tips for Homework

Ugh...the dreaded homework. It's hugely important, but often the least likable thing about school. Click here for some tips on how to make this daily job easier and more effective.

Preparing for College

Students should begin preparing for college earlier than many parents realize. There are lots of steps and many things to consider. They include graduation requirements, financial aid, choosing a school, deciding on courses of study, and more. The following links will help you get started on this exciting next step in your child's education.


Parenting Tips

Stop Bullying Before It Starts

By teaching children about what bullying is and the facts about how and why it is harmful, teachers and parents can set important foundations to stop bullying behavior before it starts. Click here for tips on how you can help your teen be bully proof.


If they didn't want to date in middle school, your student is sure to be thinking about it in high school. Click here to learn what you should know about kids, dating, and teen attitudes about relationships.


Discipline is one of the hardest jobs of parenting teens. Click here to learn more about positive discipline methods, what discipline is and what it isn't when parenting teens and how to use effective communication in discipline with teens.

Parent Stress and Burnout

The best way to deal with parental burnout is to try and avoid it altogether. While it may seem hard at first, once you establish some healthy habits and parental limits, you will no longer have a problem with burnout. Click here to learn some tips on handling stress.

Drug & Alcohol Prevention

Helping to keep your teen away from drugs and alcohol is more than just telling him/her no. Click here for tips on raising a drug and alcohol free teen.